At Morsø Camping there are many things to experience. Get the memories of your life with a holiday at Morsø.

Local attractions

Morsø Tourist Agency has it’s own homepage where you can read about the island of Mors and the many opportunities, which is always available in the reception.
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Jesperhus flowerpark

“The biggest flower park of the North situated in and at the beautiful Legind Bjerge south of Nykøbing. In the Park you can see far more than a million richly coloured summer flowers, cactuses, palms, roses and so on. In addition, there is the butterfly land, terrarium, bird zoo, and parental care centre. The park also has a playground for children with ponies, miniboats, minicars, roller coaster, and a pirate ship and so on. Everything at the playground is free once the entrance fee to the park is paid.”
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In August 2008 one of the most beautiful golf courses in Denmark with a view of the Fjord was finished and ready for use. The last 9 holes all have a beautiful view to the ocean. See under the Offer section on our page, where we can offer discounts on the course while staying at our site.
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Shellfish festival in Nykøbing

It has become a tradition in the town of Nykøbing, that a shellfish festival is being held every Summer, and it has become a well-visited success. In 2015 the tradition continues on the first weekend of June on the habour in Nykøbing, where you can enjoy local receipes of goodies and drinks from the different stalls. Including that, you can do great bargins from the local stalls set up by the local shop keepers. The town is full of life and cosy market atmosphere.
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Moler museum

On Mors there are various museums that are worth a visit, and the Moler Museum is one of the most popular:

“The museum shows an amazing collection of fossils and tells the story about the formation of the “moler” and the contemporary exploitation. There is a workshop with microscopes, where you can examine the “moler” yourself.”
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Bicycle routes

The island of Mors offers a very rich and beautiful nature and the chance to experience it at first hand, is something everybody should consider. Therefore, it is recommended to take a trip on a bicycle using the many different bicycle routes that can be found on the island.
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